1) N-COUNT A lookout is a place from which you can see clearly in all directions.

Troops tried to set up a lookout post inside a refugee camp.

2) N-COUNT A lookout is someone who is watching for danger in order to warn other people about it.
3) PHRASE: V inflects If someone keeps a lookout, especially on a boat, they look around all the time in order to make sure there is no danger.

He denied that he'd failed to keep a proper lookout that night.

4) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR for n If you are keeping a lookout for something or are on the lookout for it, you are alert and careful about it, either because you do not want to miss it or because it will be unpleasant or harmful and you need to avoid it.

Keep a lookout for a nasty little organization calling itself Defence Through Strength...

Nature lovers will be on the lookout for eagles, cormorants, and the occasional whale.

English dictionary. 2008.

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